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Small Precut Slotted Shims

Precut stainless steel shims in smaller sizes 25mm and 38mm (1inch and 1-1/2inch) to support different sizes of screws during machinery installation.

- Easy to use without additional trimming.
- With clearly specified thickness on all plates.
- Made of high quality stainless steel.
- With high hardness, reduce change during use.
- Sale in pack size of 10 pieces.

Order Code A
17MST025-005 25 25 0.05 12.5 7
17MST025-010 0.10
17MST025-020 0.20
17MST025-030 0.30
17MST025-040 0.40
17MST025-050 0.50
17MST025-070 0.70
17MST025-100 1.00
17MST025-200 2.00
17MST038-005 38 38 0.05 19 13
17MST038-010 0.10
17MST038-020 0.20
17MST038-030 0.30
17MST038-040 0.40
17MST038-050 0.50
17MST038-070 0.70
17MST038-100 1.00
17MST038-200 2.00

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